Office 365 Email Hosting

All your favourite Microsoft applications on all your devices. Synced continuously.

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All plans include:

  • Online versions of the Office package
  • Shared online calendars
  • Online storage for your documents and files
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime and reliability
  • Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams
  • World-class data security and spam filtering
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£ 95.88 /year
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  • 1 user
  • 1 GB OneDrive Storage
  • Web Versions of Office Apps
  • Use across multiple devices
  • HD video conferencing
  • Shared Calendar and Contacts
£ 143.88 /year
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  • 1 user
  • 1 GB OneDrive Storage
  • Web + Desktop Versions of Office Apps
  • Use across multiple devices
  • HD video conferencing
  • Shared Calendar and Contacts

Why get Office 365 email hosting from Host Guru?


Easy Collaboration

Organise meetings quickly and easily – and with Skype for Business integration you can always attend, wherever you are. Allow customers to book appointments online and add them to your calendar automatically.

Any device, anywhere

Manage and edit your documents from any device, at any time, no matter where you are in the world.

email sync


Easy set up

You'll be up and running in minutes, but if you ever need support, we’re available to help you out with your Office 365 package.

Frequently Asked Questions - Office 365 Email Hosting

What is Office 365?
  • It is the very latest version of the popular suite of productivity tools from Microsoft.

    Instead of one large, one-off purchase, Office 365 is a subscription based service.

    This means that you will always have the latest version of all of your favourite programs with access to new features and tools that aren’t available in previous versions.

What can I do with Office 365?
  • There are a number of different applications available which each have a specific job they do best.

    For example – Word is used to create documents, Excel is used to create spreadsheets, PowerPoint is used to create presentations and Outlook is used to manage your email, contact and calendar details.

    You can create a number of different documents with Office but you can do so much more too.

    It can help you manage your workload, better collaborate with colleagues and even keep your documents safe and secure.

Do I need technical knowledge to use it?
  • No.

    You can use it without needing any technical knowledge. It’s easy to setup and we make the process as simple as possible.

    Plus, if you ever get stuck, our support team will be on hand to give you the guidance you need.

How long does it take to set up Office 365?
  • If you already own the Domain Name you wish to use, setup is usually instant.

    However, if you are using a new Domain Name it will take a little longer as the domain will need time to register and update.

    Our team is here to guide you through the setup process and make it as smooth and painless as possible.

    You will be up and running in no-time!

Do I need to buy Office for every single user in my company?
  • When purchasing with Host Guru, each package can be installed on 5 different PCs or Macs so 5 users can effectively use the software at once.

    If you require more users, multiple packages will need to be ordered.

How many documents can I store in 1TB?
  • It has been estimated that a Terabyte could store 75,000,000 pages of Word documents, if that were possible to have a document that big.

    In essence you have all the space a thriving business could need.