Private Email Hosting

Our private email hosting service is a secure and reliable solution for your web-based email needs. All of our Private Email plans come with a fast, lightweight webmail interface for managing your email, contacts and calendar.

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All plans include:

  • Secure Webmail
  • Secure Email Storage
  • Powerful Anti-Spam Protection
  • All-in-One Email Account
  • Full Mobile Support
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£ 23.88 /year
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  • 1 mailbox included
  • 3 GB email storage
  • 1 GB file storage
  • 1 alias per mailbox
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£ 47.88 /year
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  • 1 mailbox included
  • 10 GB email storage
  • 10 GB file storage
  • 10 aliases per mailbox
£ 83.88 /year
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  • 1 mailbox included
  • 10 GB email storage
  • 15 GB file storage
  • Collaboration tools

Why get email hosting from Host Guru?


Easy Collaboration

Collaborate securely and simply with business email. Our Business and Office plans feature full groupware support, allowing you to share emails, documents, appointments, contacts, task lists and more.

Mobile Support

Business and Office plans support Apple iPhone, Android (all vendors), Blackberry, Windows Mobile (all vendors), Windows Phone and Nokia. For advanced users: We support ActiveSync, CalDav, WebDav and other protocols.

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Web-based Email

With full browser support, Private Email’s slick interface makes email enjoyable again. With no expensive software requirements and no privacy concerns, our webmail is perfect for individuals and businesses alike.

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Secure Webmail
Secure Email Storage
Powerful Anti-Spam Protection
All-in-One Email Account
Full Mobile Support
Mailboxes Included
1 1 1
1 10 10
Email Storage
3 GB 10 GB 10 GB
Collaboration Tools
File Storage
1 GB 10 GB 15 GB
MS Outlook Collaboration Features
1 Additional Mailbox
£7.88/year £35.88/year £71.88/year

Frequently Asked Questions - Email Hosting

What are the benefits of email hosting?
  • With our hosted email service, you are renting high-quality email servers to manage the communications of your business.

    Private Email from Host Guru is a premium email interface that gives you more flexibility and power compared to the free email service included with all Host Guru hosting package.

    Professional web-based email takes place when both incoming and outgoing emails are managed by a cloud mail server, which is one of the reasons so many business owners choose Private Email.

What are the best features of Host Guru Private Email?
  • Host Guru Private Email is a collaborative and cloud-based email solution.

    It provides a fresh interface that works across many devices – tablets, desktops, and notebooks – letting users communicate whenever and wherever they want.

    Private Email has features for creating a public space in shared folders, creating and managing work schedules, and much more.

    Users can set and control tasks with ease.

    Everyone in your company can quickly view the availability of colleagues when planning meetings and breakouts.

    Admins love how easy it is to share data and control who has access to files.

Are email migrations available when switching to Private Email?
  • If you are using a third-party email service hosted elsewhere, and would like to switch to premium Private Email, you can easily migrate your old emails to our servers using the Webmail interface.

    Important messages from your Inbox, Drafts, Sent, and other folders can all be moved to your Host Guru new servers.

    Whether you are using Outlook, Thunderbird, MacMail, or a web-based email service, we provide support to assist with the process.